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Classic Huntingdon – Silver

Classic Huntingdon – Silver

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The Classic Huntingdon Silver , part of the Americano Collection, is a timepiece with an elegant round dial, combined with a brown leather strap. A premium timepiece of high quality engineering. The metallic case is crafted from high quality 3I6L stainless steel polished silver.

The leather strap can further interact with Smartphones through proprietary RFID technology (see below applications). The watch and strap is completely waterproof and can be used in an ordinary way.


  • SIZE 36 mm (Women) or 40 mm (Men)
  • DIAL COLOR see product picture
  • MOVEMENT Japanese Quartz Movement
  • STRAP WIDTH 20 mm (Women) or 24 mm (Men)
  • STRAP Leather Strap (RFID INSIDE)
  • STRAP COLOR see product picture
  • WATER RESISTANT Up to 3 atm
  • MATERIAL Leather
  • LINK COLOR see product picture


The Touch Jewelry provides discrete and swift Office or Home Access.

Ask the administrator at your office to program your newly purchased jewelry (in the same manner as with a ordinary passcard) and you are good to go! No more worries to loose or forget a passcard as it is replaced by beautiful jewelry.

Fast, Elegant & Highly Secure!

1 Select your Jewelry or Timepiece

2 Download Aura Pay

3 Add your payment card

4 Pair up your jewelry/timepiece with your Smartphone

5 Tap & Pay

Your digital assets are just as valuable as your jewelry, but protecting them isn’t easy. Combine your jewelry storing important personal information inside it using Lux Vault. No storage device or commercial cloud service is completely safe that are offered by companies you’ve never heard of in far away places. Have confidential information stored in your jewelry – which you always wear and have available 24/7 – unobtrusively & accessible instantly.

Using the Lux Vault app, encrypt your confidential information (optional – with or without Lux Vault´s or third party encryption software of your liking) and transfer it, via RFID, from your Smartphone to your Touch Jewelry.

Lux Vault is the solution your digital storage has been waiting for: offline security and absolute privacy of encryption, created and managed by the one you trust: You. Like a safety deposit box, only You have access to what’s inside, & with precious metal jewelry, it´s built to last!

As a gift, LOVE-O-GRAMS are a perfect way to say, “I LOVE YOU”!! Give that special person a unique experience by including a personal message inside your jewelry gift that only he or she can see. Once they put their jewelry to their Smartphone the jewelry will transfer the message (via RFID) to the Smartphone which will display the message to him or her. The message can be in a form as a

  • Text (poem, intimate message etc.)
  • Link to a picture/music/video of your liking that is available online.
  • Command link that will automatically make his or her’s Smartphone call or text to you…….
  • Any other type of interaction that can be linked to apps or online content.

They fit for ANY occasion (Valentine’s Day, Birthdays, Anniversaries, Special Occasions, Mother’s Day, or JUST BECAUSE)

If you plan to purchase Touch Jewelry as a gift & include a Love-O-Gram message do the following:

  1. Choose what jewelry you like to purchase as a gift.
  2. While at “Checkout”, under the “Order Notes” section supply with information what message you desire to be included inside the jewelry.
  3. Finalize the payment.

We will then arrange to insert the message into your newly purchased jewelry gift before delivering it to You.


Operating Frequency 13.56 MHz
Unique Serial Number (UID) 7 Bytes
Memory Size 4K
RF Technology ISO 14443 Type A
Read/Write Range 1.5” / 3.8 cm

The RFID tag inside the jewelry is totally passive (i.e. just as ordinary passcards or contactless credit cards) and cannot emit radiation by themselves. It only becomes active when placed in the immediate vicinity of a RFID reader (i.e. as an Office Access Reader, Point-of-Sale Contactless Device, Turnstile Metro RFID Reader, NFC equipped Smartphones and similar) which transfers energy to the tag in order to read it.